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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ready To Fly

I open my eyes the world seems a different place,
The colours are brighter and the air is sweet to taste.
see it’s like I woke up from a nightmare that tied me down,
I was smothered and trapped inside a sleep way underground

Its time I learned to fall,
To say the word goodbye.
To feel the sunlight on my face,
Maybe that means…

I’m ready to fly,
I wanna breathe in and breathe out and be who I am,
Let go of fear wanna feel alive.
I’m ready to fly,
The more that you hold me back you set me free,
You help my heart decide..
Maybe I’m, maybe I’m ready to fly.

Where is your faith, where is your love for me?
Why do you fight the things I imagine in my dreams?
See the poison is strong, an addiction is tough to break.
But love is the hardest thing I have ever had to shake.

Its time to break these chains,
To look you in the eye,
To tell you that its over now,
So Maybe that means…

I’m ready to fly,
I wanna breathe in and breathe out and be who I am,
Let go of fear wanna feel alive.
I’m ready to fly,
The more that you hold me back you set me free,
You help my heart decide..
Oh Maybe I’m, maybe I’m ready to fly.

(Give me the strength to walk away)
(Give me the strength to stay the road ahead)
Even if it’s a lonely place.
(Give me the hope to mend this heart)
(Give me the chance to see love smile, smile again)
To see love smile..

Its time I learned to fall,
To say the word goodbye.
To feel the sunlight on my face,
Maybe that means…Oh maybe that means

I’m ready to fly,
I wanna breathe in and breathe out and be who I am,
Let go of fear wanna feel alive.
I’m ready to fly,
The more that you hold me back you set me free,
You help my heart decide..
Oh maybe I’m, maybe I’m ready to fly.

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20269 LOVE LIFE -

Aku Bertahan

Sedih, ku tahu kini perasaanmu kepadaku

sedih, saat kau tak yakin kepadaku akan cintaku

jalan berliku tak kan membuatku menyerah akan cinta kita

tatap mataku dan kau akan tahu

semuanya yang ku rasakan

Aku bertahan

karna ku yakin cintaku kepadamu

sesering kau coba kau mematikan hatiku

tak kan terjadi yang aku tahu kau hanya untukku

Aku bertahan

ku akan tetap pada pendirianku

sekeras kau coba tuk membunuh cintaku

yang aku tahu kau hanya untukku

Tatap mataku dan kau akan tahu

semuanya yang ku rasakan

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20269 LOVE LIFE -

Thursday, January 29, 2009

You Feel Me Up Deep Inside..Just Thinking About You... Baby...

This song is especially for Fy.. :)

Nigga Lyrics
Te Quiero Lyrics

Can't live without you Fy... By Love Fy Always..

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20269 LOVE LIFE -

Monday, January 26, 2009

My Pray For Her

Ya Allah...I pray that my #26 is healthy, classy and strong, and I love her.. Help her to live her life to the fullest. Please promote her and cause her to excel above her expectations. Help her shine in the darkest places where it is impossible to love.Protect her at all times, lift her up when they needs you the most, and let them know when they walks with you, they will always be safe..

Amin Ya Rabbal Alamin.. Love you...

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20269 LOVE LIFE -

Saturday, January 24, 2009


It's the year 2009, we both are back to our working life now. Fy's been busy with her additional position as a PA besides her position as an offline editor. Fy's schedule has been very compact and quite tight nowadays. RMF production, where fy's working are now having a big projects on a local musical dramas. I, my self, also involved as one of the actor in one of the episodes. It was quite something new to me to act in a real drama TV. Well, usually it's either I did a dancing performance or playing musical instruments but not this time. Anyway, it's quite a challenging one to act in a real drama tv but the fun is there. New experiences and ideas for my self. Fy's been helping me out with my scenes too and giving ideas how to do it. Thanks Fy.. ;)

My working life was just not as busy at the moment because the school is just starting and lots of modifications and school stuffs to sort out first before implementing it.

I pity my Fy as to see her have lots of stuffs to deal with, such as dealing with the actors/actress, time coding, sorting out schedules for filming, checking what shots to take and many more. Nevertheless, Fy's been very committed to her works and I can see her passions to her works was very very something to be look at. It might be a tiring works but what's important are the commitments and the work ethics that Fy had shown. By envy you Fy.. :)

As of those situations mentioned above, Fy had told me that she wasn't be able to have the time for me for which it's not a matter to me. I know how she works, I know how busy she is and I know how it feels to be a workaholic. That's not going to stop me from loving her. In fact, I am proud of her and to see her enjoyed her passion and commitments towards her jobs. My love for her will never fade away..

Whether we have time or not for our love, it doesn't means that we're not thinking of our bf/gf. It's a matter how we adjust to the transitions of life and how we can understand our partner, there you go, communications is everything. At first, it might be hard to accept a transition in our love life when we have other commitments but I'd managed to understand her other responsibilities and commitments, which is her work.

Fy will always have By's supports and By will give my best to be there when Fy needs By. I love Fy with all my hearts..

As of this, to Fy.. Be strong Fy... Fy can do it... I know you can... :) There might be obstacles to deal with on Fy's works but be patience ok sayang.. InsyaAllah, Fy will manage accordingly.. :)

I Love Fy always and It'll never fade away... :) Mwahzzz.. Hugzzz..

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20269 LOVE LIFE -

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, this is actually way off the record but I want to share it anyway. It's how was my life was in the year 2008.


The year 2008 started with me just came back from my Haj with mom and resuming my duty as a primary school teacher in a new school, SR Dato Mohd Yassin. The feelings was mixed up from scared, fun, funny, happy, lonely and much more. I met my Primary 2B pupils and they were all cute and energetic. I couldn’t give less but to keep up with them who’s eager to learn very much.

It's February, my birth month. My birthday was never been very special previously and I guess it'll only be special on the next year...and the next year...and so on.

It’s March, the time to go out of Brunei for the school break holidays at Kota Kinabalu. I brought along two of my friends, Hazwan and Khaliq. We had fun traveling together though it kept on raining during out visits. Nevertheless, we had fun doing our outing just to fill up the time and to enjoy.

School holidays was over and new term had arrived with more challenges and workloads to dealt with. Actually, I was having a hard time to accomplished all works but due to my patience and believing my self could accomplished it, I could finally took a deep breath and relaxed.

Worst time of the year had arrived. I was hospitalized for a week. I had six major swellings on both my legs which resulting me to be unable to walk nor to stand. I met an old guy who’s bed was next to mine and called him dad. After all, I don’t have a father to talk with and he seemed to be very opened and fun to talk with. I just missed the moment to talk to someone who’s closer in my heart so called DAD. But hey, I found a temporary one while I was hospitalized. He offered me a helped to give me massages on my back and on both my legs.

Third day in the hospital and to my surprised that I could stand and moved my legs. I was happy to stand again and I saw my mom’s tears on her face. She was glad to see me standing without any helps and I feel like a baby’s first time walking hehe. Finally, after few days later, I was 80 percents recovered and was discharged. I still have to depends on my sticks to walk but what most important was, I could moved again. Now, I realised how others felt to be unable to do anything besides laying on their bed.

Still unable to stand nor to walk

The difference of my foot

I’m all recovered and started to resume working and monthly test had arrived and I was busy again to prepare all the revisions I could give to my pupils. They did well though and I was happy for them. I was then given less heavy duties and some of my pupils was not happy about it. They just missed me that much hehe ;)

Another school break and this time I was just staying at home and spent most of my time going to cafes and went online just to fill up my times.

Another responsibilities were to trained the school’s dancers for their upcoming “Tarian Asli Dance Competition”. They did well up until the semi-final, too bad they were on the 14th place out of 30 schools. Only the top 12 schools are selected to go to the final. Anyway, I could see their commitment and their love to dance. At least they gave their very best and enjoyed their dancing.

Mid-Year Exams had arrived and it’s the most busy moment for me. Preparations and revisions for my pupils and finally they were back to be under my management since I had fully recovered. My pupils did well and just two of my IEP’s pupils need to work hard more for their upcoming exams.

Hey hey hey! Another school break, ehehe.. I just love school break. I didn’t go anywhere again, just staying home and going to cafes to go online. It was His Majesty’s birthday coming up soon and I was enjoying my self updating my personal website called the TAGGED. I talked and chatted with new people. Here too, I met this girl named Nyssa. A funky, funny and pretty girl who was fun and enjoyable to chat with. We chatted non-stopped using the MSN messenger and started to changed phone numbers.

School break is over now and I got something new to add on on my daily life basis. My hand phones just non stopped ringing all the time. It feels good that someone is actually really care for me and I’m loving it. I think I just fell in love with this girl, I couldn’t believed it my self but she did make me comfortable all the time but I don’t know, may be it’s just me and it’s still too early to ind out as we just knows each other.

Besides of my daily activities of teaching, training and hanging out, I got this new activity I called Video calling on the net. This is how I got to know more about Nyssa. As time goes by, my love for her grows and grows that I decided to be committed to give more and more love to her, even though she didn’t know how I feel for her. Ehehehe... it’s been a year I’d been single and the feeling of scared and not confident to fall in love again still lingered on my mind. After what had happened on my previous love life, I’m just not confident at all about love. I was just too scared that history will be back again.

Anyhow, I feel more confident as we get to know more about each other. She really helped me out to build back my confident and I felt that the support is there. I’m more comfortable with her now and I love the way she treated me.

Puasa and Raya be coming soon and I was hoping that this year will be a different one and yes it was a different one. I got to go to celebrate Nyssa’s birthday and spend the time together with her on her birthday. I got to hung out at her place more now especially during the night before Raya and on the first day of Raya. We’re now actually more closer and we both showed our loves to each other. I am happy that she could accept my love. Thanks Sayang.. 

Aha!! Final year exams and Nyssa was going to have her A Level exams from October till November. We were both busy and tried to find a time to spend whenever it is possible for us.

December holiday!!!! Yippeee!!! This is what I call a holiday. I got to travel with my sayang and she would preferred to call it our HONEYMOON ehehe and for the first time in my life it is to me to travel with the one that I love. I love our traveling and I just couldn’t expressed how it was actually, all I could say was, “Thanks Fy...thanks for this memorable and wonderful holidays, I love you with all my heart...”

I guess that’s a wrapped for now, well actually there are more to mention but since it’s just for my life diary in 2008, I just made everything as simple as it is. The year 2008 was a total mixed feelings and memories. Oh well, it’s life..it’s not a life without ups and downs. I am sure I learned something new and it’s just another collection of my experiences in life, I learned to give and to take in another way. Meetings new people with different character and learning new ways of lifestyle. After all, I’ll be 26 in the year 2009 and there will be more challenges and new things to see. Thank you very much 2008 and bye bye.

This song "Already one year" is for the year 2008.

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20269 LOVE LIFE -


Honeymoon? Never I imagine that I'll be going on a honeymoon with my #26 to Kota Kinabalu. I'd never travel together with the one that I love and #26 is the first and I'm the first too for her.

I woke up early and actually I wasn't sleeping that much because I was afraid that I couldn't wake up at all. I woke up around 3am in the morning and was getting ready and preparing my stuffs for the trip. As soon as I arrived to Fy's place, I greeted her parents and then we're set to go at 4am. We arrived at Kuala Luarah around 4.30am and stayed for a while as to wait the immigration gate to open at 6am. The journey was smooth and I couldn't closed my eyes until we left for KK at Lawas area.

The feelings of excitement still remains and I just couldn't wait to enjoyed the rest of the honeymoon with her. This is what I'd been meaning to do, that is to travel with my love.


We did lots of stuffs during our honeymoon, it's just too many to mentioned right now but still remains are the fun, joy able and most memorable trip I'd ever had. We did some shopping together.. touring places together.. and many many more.


Skating...not really an ice skating as i thought it was...ehehehe...it was a wax skating and even the boots were different from what I could imagine. We were both shocked to see the boots was actually a roller blade with the roller+ice blade. Ehehehe.. I just don't know how to describe it. Anyhow, we had soo much fun here and I took some videos of us skating together... Too bad I couldn't published the videoclips but I'll see what I can do the next time I edited it again :)

I was crying actually while making the videoclip..It really touched me and I really really missed all those moments very much. IT was like the most precious moments of my life.. To do stuffs together with the one that I love...Nothing is much more important to me but #26... By sayang Fy... :)

The saddest moment of all is the time when we had arrived Brunei that I won't be spending the night with her again as usual.. I'll be leaving again the next day with friends and how I wished she could just come with me...It'll be just US together..

To my surprised, we did hung out on the night before I leave Brunei again :) and I really thanks my Fy for making my day.

The next day had arrived..and Fy had to go to work. My flight was in the late noon and fy said that she'll try to come and meet me before take off. I was actually feeling soo heavy to leave her as she begged me not to go.. I was touched.. *Sob*


It's about to go home now from my trip with friends and I just couldn't wait to meet my Fy. I bought her some chocolates, which is her favourites... and tomy surprised she was there at the terminal to surprised me..

I just couldn't believed my eyes to see her welcoming me back home.. That was a total excitement and I feel she's the most incredible woman in my life... I got no words to describe this.. All I could say is... It's her... I LOVE HER... I am going to make her to become my wife... I'd do anything, just anything... to love her, to guide her, take care of her... just anything as long as she's happy and could taste the love that she deserves.. :)

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I Will Take CARE of You
I Will Guide You
I Will Always Love You Until The End oF time.
This I Promise You

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